About Us


Dedicated to Quality

From the grower to the roaster to our cafe, It takes a lot of hands to create a great cup of coffee. 

Our Friend2Farmer® coffees are harvested thousands of miles away by small-plot coffee farmers. 

Carefully selected for exceptional quality, 

the coffee is then roasted in small batches to preserve the integrity of the bean’s flavor and the farmer’s hard work.

Come give us a try, it will be the best cup of coffee you have ever had!


Not Just The Best Coffee

Espresso is not the only fresh thing being served. Come try the best fruit smoothies, hot or frozen hot chocolate, iced tea, and many other drinks.   We also offer comfortable seating inside our cafe with free wifi and plenty of outlets!  Come check out the new hot spot in Ontario! 

Looking for sugar-free options?  We have the largest selection of sugar-free drinks around. 


Nitro Tea's

Looking for something you have never had before?  Our Nitro Tea is the hottest thing around, well actually coldest.  (First in the world!)  We take pure maple sap and do some special processes to it and infuse our organic teas into a refreshing tea that has a silky texture.    It comes in Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach, Mango or Plain.   We also sell growlers of our Nitro Tea for you to take home or to a party.   Come try what we have been developing for over 15 years and what everyone is talking about.  

Looking to carry our Nitro Tea's in your restaurant, bar or on tap at your business?  We are now doing distribution.  Contact us at comments@thecovecoffeeshop.com